Answers to Your Questions


What are abilities?

Abilities are essentially what you have came pre-packaged to do quickly and easily.  Abilities are aptitudes that are often considered raw, natural talents.

It is critical to have your aptitudes objectively assessed as it is only through the process of actually having to perform tasks or “worksamples” that you are able to objectively determine which aptitudes you possess. Many times I uncover aptitudes during the assessment process of which the client has been unaware.

Who benefits from going through the assessment process?

Almost everyone can benefit from learning about their uniquely designed pattern of abilities, personality type characteristics, interests, and work motivators and how to best utilize their strengths and giftedness. High school and college students seeking direction in making career and college major decisions wise to go through the assessment before selecting a plan of study.

Adults benefit from the assessment tremendously at various stages of their careers. They might be dissatisfied with their current job situation, re-entering the workforce after staying home to care for others, curious about other career options, facing a decision about a job offer, transfer, or promotion, or nearing retirement and desire to make the most out of their next season of life.

Do I need to do anything to prepare to take the assessments?

There is nothing you need to study or do to prepare to take the assessments. Unlike normal tests, these assessments are not a matter of passing or failing. There is no way to do “well” or “poorly” on these assessments; they simply give us objective information. It is important however that you are well rested and that you complete all the abilities work samples at a time and place where you will not be disturbed. You can relax – there is no way the results can be anything but good since you have been custom-designed by God for good purposes.

Why are abilities so important?

Abilities are set by the approximate age of 15 and remain fairly stable throughout life.  They are key factors in determining a direction that gives you the greatest satisfaction and success in your work, life, and education choices. Certain careers will be a more natural fit for you. 

On a different note, every ability creates a need – abilities need to be utilized to avoid a general sense of dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction often feels like a nagging sense that something is not right or is missing. This often becomes especially apparent in mid-life. It is best to determine your abilities before making any college and career decisions.

Will you tell me the specific career I have to pursue? 

No, no one likes to be told exactly what to do. However, most clients find it helpful  to narrow the field of potential career choices to those that are most in line with their natural talents. This equips them to make the most effective decisions now and in the future about what career paths and college majors are the best fit for them based on their unique design, greatly increasing the likelihood they will love their career.

What if I have ADD, ADHD, or another type of learning difference – can I still benefit?

As long as an individual is able to read and use a computer with a mouse, they are able to go through the assessment process and get beneficial results. Please give me a call to discuss your specific learning difference, if there are concerns. I also need to know if you are taking any medications that affect the central nervous system as these might affect response time.

Three of the assessments that are taken online are not timed; however the battery of work samples that assess aptitudes are timed. The Highlands Ability Battery work samples can be taken online at the participant’s convenience. You are able to complete each work sample at a time and place that is best for you and to spread the work samples out over a number of days if preferred. The main goal is to get a clear, accurate picture of what comes easily to you.

How old do you need to be to take the Highlands Abilities Battery? 

The aptitude assessment process works best with clients who are at least 15 years old to ensure that their aptitudes can be accurately measured. There is no maximum age.

Is there an ideal age to go through the Highlands Abilities Battery? 

Early junior year of high school (either the summer before or during) is the ideal time for the assessment process, unless a student is interested their sophomore year, and at least 15 years of age. Bottom line it is ideal to discover your innate abilities before making any college or career decisions.

But it’s never too late. Anytime you are in a period of career decision or transition is the ideal time to go through the assessment process, no matter your age.

Where is your office located?

My office is virtual.  The assessment materials are best viewed and explained online, so that the hyperlinks can be explored to the max! 

Do parents attend the debrief meeting? 

It depends ... I ask that at least one parent attend the meeting, if the client is 25 years of age or younger.  In addition, I always value parental perspective and love for parents to complete a Parent Input Form.  

What happens during the follow up meetings ?

Your objectives will drive the follow-up meetings.   Many clients choose to focus on career development skills, some examples of which include: informational interviewing, networking, job search techniques, interviewing, resume and cover letter preparation, emotional intelligence and soft skills, LinkedIn, and workplace professionalism. 


We can also focus on learning strategies, communication, work-life balance, stress management, and decision-making skills. Once you have shared your objectives, I can then structure these meetings in the way that will best meet those goals.